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The chronicles of......ED!

Wow what a week, boys & girls! I was let out of my suitcase every night!! I even had a hand in slammin' a big ol' pie in Mr. Jeff's face!! Check out his blog at:http://ontheedgeyouth.livejournal.com/
I also had some friends stop by for visits--Mr. Dan, and Mr. Mike! Thanks guys!
You boyz & girls please pray for Mr. Mike--he is kinda sad right now. You can see his blog at:http://15wordsorless.livejournal.com/
Ok, next stop is Normandy Apts this weekend & then it's VBS again at East Gate Assembly of God in Claremore....please pass the cookies!!

Hey everybody! I have been very busy this week during VBS at New Life Baptist Church in good ol' Verdigris, Oklahoma! One thing, tho, I sure did miss Mr. Mike last night--I cried in front of the kids!! But then, my good friend Mr. Dan showed up & I helped him tell the kids about the Bible & how they can get to know Jesus!!

I sure hope Mr. Mike will be back tonite--those kids are awful rowdy!! Maybe he can help me tonite!!
Bye everybody! Time to go back to my suitcase for some funyons & Dr. pepper!!

New Life's Cram Nite

Hey everybody!! We had such a blast at New Life last Saturday night!! I think Mr. Jeff's still wet from getting dunked so many times in the dunk tank!! Man, those kids could throw!! They hit the target most every time---and KERSPLASH!! Down goes Mr. Jeff with a big ole smile on his face. I'm glad that my suitcase floats because after the fun dunking Mr. Jeff, is rained & rained!! The wind blew & I had to throw down my anchor so I wouldn't sail away!! I stopped inside the church for one of Mr. Mike's famous burgers & he was tellin' the kids about Noah's Ark!! So, I had to climb out of my suitcase & help to tell the story!! I just love telling Bible stories!! Be sure to make plans to come out for our Drive-in movie night at New Life on Saturday Sept. 9th It starts at 7:oopm with a dinner prepared by a famous chef!! Come on out!!

Aug. 7th, 2006

Hello everyone! It's Ed, live from the suitcase, and boy, it's crowded in here with the laptop. Somebody tell Mr. Mike to send over some more animal crackers and juice, or some pizza and funions and Dr. pepper would be great, too.