fuzzyred_ed (fuzzyred_ed) wrote,

New Life's Cram Nite

Hey everybody!! We had such a blast at New Life last Saturday night!! I think Mr. Jeff's still wet from getting dunked so many times in the dunk tank!! Man, those kids could throw!! They hit the target most every time---and KERSPLASH!! Down goes Mr. Jeff with a big ole smile on his face. I'm glad that my suitcase floats because after the fun dunking Mr. Jeff, is rained & rained!! The wind blew & I had to throw down my anchor so I wouldn't sail away!! I stopped inside the church for one of Mr. Mike's famous burgers & he was tellin' the kids about Noah's Ark!! So, I had to climb out of my suitcase & help to tell the story!! I just love telling Bible stories!! Be sure to make plans to come out for our Drive-in movie night at New Life on Saturday Sept. 9th It starts at 7:oopm with a dinner prepared by a famous chef!! Come on out!!
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