It's time for Ed!

Yes, I finally have hijacked Jeff's laptop......please don't tell him, tho.....
I've been having a blast in our new Revved Up Children's Church with Mr. Jeff, Mrs. Tonya, Mrs. Melanie & the gang!! I sure miss mr. Mike, though, but he calls & talks to Jeff during church....
I am hoping to get out of my suitcase for a special Christmas show, just don't know where yet. Whoops! Here comes Mr. Jeff!!! I gotta go!!!!!
'member, don't tell, ok??

I'm ready for Cram Nite!!!

Hi boys & girls! It's been hot here in the ole suitcase & Mr. Jeff told me I can't take a shower at his it! Well, maybe Mr. Mike will let me come to his house & take a shower.......
Hey Mr. Jeff, lets do a Cram Nite!! It's lonely in the back of the yellow truck!!

Oh boy oh boy!!

...have I got a surprize for Mr Mike & Mr Jeff!!!!!!
...sssshhhhhh! Don't tell them but come and see at our Waterwars 2007 at New Life Baptist Church this Saturday at 6pm.......


Boy, I wish Jeff would not leave me in the yellow truck--it's hot in here! Just kidding...I am currently at New Life in the A/C getting ready for FunyonFest 2007! Mr. Mike & Mr. Jeff will be at EastGate Assembly of God Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night and I'm gonna crash the party with all my buddies! Ssshhhhh! Don't tell them, either......

ready to go!

Well, I am rested up & ready to go this weekend! Billy, Breezy & all the kids at Normandy--I bet they've missed me!!
Now let's see, what else do I need.......

Please pass the Funyons!

It's lonely in my suitcase! And I am running low on Funyons! I hope Mr. Jeff doesn't forget about me this weekend-I am sposed to go with Mr. Jeff & Mr. Mike to Normandy Apts. to help tell Bible stories!! Oh boy! My favorite thing to do!!